Seven Days

In a recent mid week assembly of the Anaheim church, brethren were encouraged to share results from an exercise assigned in class. The class topic was evangelistic awareness and the results were “eye opening!”

In the previous class, I asked brethren to record at least one instance, each day over the course of the next seven days, of their intentional awareness of a soul’s need for Jesus. Brethren were asked to record where they were when they recognized the soul and share one instance of their seven that stood out most to them. Why? Because being evangelistic begins with recognizing people’s souls – our souls and what the Lord has given us in Christ. Also other’s souls and what the Lord has waitting for them in Christ.

My intention was to leave enough time in class to go around the room at least a couple of times asking each student to share one of their recorded instances. Followed by a third time around where an instance that stood out the most would be shared. We only had time for one quick round, but even with this limitation, results were inspiring!

The following list of places brethren intentionally thought about the souls around them needing Jesus was shared: Walking with a friend, talk about death in the assembly, talk about death at hair dresser, in meeting house parking lot while cleaning (guy across fence), shopping at Ross, gas station, college campus (special needs students), home school ice skating (parents), college (class mates), farmers market, neighbors, World Bible School students online and a bank. Each of these came from different brethren who, if they fulfilled the assignment, had at least six more a piece to share. Take a minute to think about the awesome potential these different brethren recognizing souls in all of these places could have.  Thirteen souls the gospel could  potentially be shared with in varying ways, if brethren were willing to move from awareness to confession of Christ and invitation (to be covered in our future midweek training classes).

Just listening to these brethren share their instances of intentional awareness was super encouraging for me. I hope you will find encouragment and motivation in hearing about it too.

Try it yourself. Starting today, be intentional about recognizing people’s souls for the next seven days. Not that you have to act on it at this point, though doing so is the eventual goal. Encourage other brethren in your assembly to do the same, and then report to one another where you’ve been recognizing people’s souls. This excercise is will help you grow more equipped as an instrument of God for salvation in other’s lives. And if you think of it, come back here and add a comment about how it went for you.


God bless you and keep you.


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