Not The Sharpest Knife…


“Oops,” was my thought after returning home from a recent personal outreach effort.

For two years I been driving by the store front pictured above, on my way to the church’s meeting house in Anaheim, CA. Many times I’ve both thought to myself and said to those with me, that I should stop in and see if they would allow me to place a We Care comic book in their store. All the while misinterpreting their store to be a comic book store.

So I put local contact information for the church on the back cover of the We Care comic book, walk into the store and ask one of three men behind the counter if they would carry the book. Right off the bat he says they don’t carry that kind of stuff. I respond by suggesting you don’t know unless you ask followed by inquiry into whether all the super hero moves comming out are helping buisness. After a bit of chit chat I ask if he believes in God. He says yes. I follow with a brief description of the book and hand it to him. He thanked me. I thanked him for listening and said, “God bless you.” He reciprocated the same.

It was not until I returned home that it finally dawned on me that this buisness was not selling comic books but collectables – oops!

Despite, but also because of my mistaken identification of the store, I was able to shine the light of Christ in a place I’d never done so before! Had I not thought of things wrongly, I would not likely have ever gone into this store.

It’s all good. God be glorified!

Even if you don’t tend to be the sharpest knife in the drawer, like myself at times, the Lord can still use you to shine the light of the gospel where you go.

Speak of the things of God wherever you go. It just might be that God will use your conversation to move someone needing salvation one vital step further down that narrow road. It is almost sure.

The We Care comic book contains a presentation of the gospel in a comic book form. Neighbor friends speaking after a ball game about being truly saved after being mistaught.

Keep thinking souls!


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