Rejoice with Heaven and your fellow Anaheim brethren as we welcome our newly reborn sister Kianna Alejos into God’s family!

Kianna showed up at the Anaheim meeting house around 10:30AM this morning. She found William Kherandish and I setting up for a study we meet for weekly. Desiring spiritual help, she found prayer and a study of the gospel. At 2:30 PM she was baptized into Christ, being born again (see pictures below). Six members were present for her confession and immersion and two arrived just after.


Right to left: Kianna Alejos (old self) and Jeff Yost




Left to right: Kianna Alejos (new creature) and Jeff Yost

Often we have to go to the fish and throw the line out. Sometimes the fish just jump into our laps. In both cases we must be ready to “clean” them. Are your feet “shod with the gospel of peace”? Are you ready to be God’s vessel for helping others find cleansing in the blood of Jesus? I hope so.

Keep thinking souls.


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