Jeff’s Evangelist Report: March-April 2016

I trust this finds you grateful for the daily blessings of being a child of God and worker in His Kingdom. As I write, my family and I are continuing the work in Anaheim, CA. We are still living in our fifth wheel in the Ponderosa Travel Trailer Park but will soon be relocated to another nearby park. Our mailing address will remain the same. Our relocation is due to the Ponderosa being sold and rezoned for a townhouse development.
The months of March and April brought continued progress in brethren’s personal evangelistic efforts – brethren studying with their coworkers and acquaintances, studies initiated with relationships already developed and work at making more of encounters with the community during daily routines. Anaheim’s weekly reports on their personal evangelistic efforts as part of our midweek classes on evangelism are encouraging and reveal growth!
With our personal efforts moving forward, we are now transitioning into the planning more group efforts. We’ve done one round of door hangers with three more to follow once they’ve been designed. Online Bible studies also continue with new students registering almost weekly.  Preparation has also begun for monthly evening assemblies in the city park just behind our meeting house during the summer months.
Besides the fruit we’ve seen in our personal spiritual growth in our concentration on sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ more, Anaheim also experienced a conversion in March! For details and pictures visit my blog Sadly though, we have not seen or been able to communicate further with this new sister since her conversion. We think that there may be family interference. Your prayers for her (Kianna) and all of the efforts mentioned above are requested and appreciated.

The struggle I have with fatigue mentioned in my last report continues. Due mostly to this, I have concentrated my efforts on Anaheim since returning to California in November of 2015. I continue to participate in their rotation of servants in assemblies, teach a midweek evangelistic training class and encourage and help implement various evangelistic efforts. Of late I have felt a bit low emotionally about outreach and found it particularly hard to do, though this week this seems to be turning around. I hope to reach out to assist other congregations more in the near future. Your prayers in these things is appreciated.

Working from a fifth wheel in “short term” relocations has been interesting so far. I quote short term because since being in a fifth wheel we’ve spent about two years in Anaheim. The only shorter stay being three months in Topeka, KS.  Venturing out in the work this way has been a real help to working in Anaheim financially. Living in an RV as a family has by far been the cheapest way to do so. There was a hope we could have stayed in the RV for free in the church’s parking lot where there are hookups already installed. However, when the city was asked, they said it was not acceptable to do so. I’ve brought this up for two reasons, first to thank all of you for making the past two and a half years of my work possible by your support and prayers. The second reason is to inform you that after having time to try this approach out, the family, at this time, thinks we need something different; particularly for Zoe’s next four years of high school.

Living in the RV has accomplished what I thought it could toward the evangelistic work of the church when we set out. It has come with its costs and revealed things about us we did not expect, as any venture does. It may be that after Zoe is out of the house Holly and I would venture back into an RV to do my work. For now in addition to being located for the next four years, we are also planning on renting someplace. As of this writing California, Colorado, Kansas and Missouri are our considerations. There is much I feel I need to do to make this choice as informed as it needs to be. Your prayers for determining where to work from for the next four years are appreciated.

Determine to make the most of every opportunity with outsiders for their soul’s sake.

God be with you all,
Jeff Yost


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