Dental Hummings

I say dentist you say…

Brethren and friends, following are a couple of interchanges my daughter (13 yrs, pictured below) participated in with her dental assistant during two different six month cleanings. The most  recent being just this week.


“The last two teeth cleanings I’ve had the same dental assistant. The time before last she heard me humming, comented that it sounded like I was a good singer and said something about whether I was in a choir or not. That time I told her that the church I went to didn’t have a choir, and that everyone sang. She seemed surprized and mentioned something about no voices standing out above the rest. This last time, she mentioned it again, asking if I was still singing. I answered that I did, and reminded her that we all sang, as she had again used the word ‘choir.’ She later asked me wether I knew what I wanted to do when I got older. I told her that other than being a Christian, I did not have plans like that. She asked me if I might become a “minister of the word” (or something like that). I said that all people in the church I went to are supposed to do that and the only ‘position’ in the church kind of like that was being an evangelist, which my dad was. But I could not be one because it is not one of the roles a woman should take. She seemed uncomfortable and said there were a lot of oppions about things. Later I pointed out that her saying this told that she did not agree with me. She confirmed this and somewhere in the mix I said that men and women have different roles and women cannot usurp the authority of a man. She said something about her oppinion bein that men and women were equal. I said it’s not that they are not equal, but thay are supposed to do different things as roles. Later I asked if she had studdied the Bible. She said that she studdied in Catholic school. I asked if she studied by herself by looking up the verses. She vaguely agreed. I said God bless you and wished her a good day before I left.” 

“Bodily discipline is of little profit, but godliness is profitable for all things, since it holds promise for the present life and the life to come.” 1 Timothy 4:6

I say dentist you say…Jesus!

Be inspired by this young Christian woman to make the most of your opportunities with outsiders (Col. 4:5).


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