Lives Matter

​Brother Jay Graham posted the following experience on Facebook “Well that was an interesting experience.  As I often do, as I was passing through Phoenix I stopped at a local mall to stretch my legs a bit.  Just outside the mall was a table and exhibit set up representing “Black Lives Matter”.  As I prepared to enter that mall a young lady approached and asked if she could ask me a question.  I said sure.  She asked if I supported the BLM movement.  (I had already been considering how I would answer this question if I were asked.). I looked at her and I said “Young lady, the Bible tells me Christ died for all men and women.  Black or white, rich or poor, bond or free.”. She said “That does not really answer my question.”. I told her I will let that answer stand on its on.  She thanked me and I entered the mall.  When I exited 2 hours later the same young lady waved at me and said, “I liked your answer.”. May God be glorified.” Jay Graham Aug. 8 12:29 PM

Be encouraged to be ready to give an answer.

Keep thinking souls.


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