Not So Idle Chit Chat

Recently, my family has been on the hunt for a house to rent in or near Anaheim, California. Searching through listing after listing. One that met our location, financial and layout criteria popped up, but the owner turned out a little hard to pin down. 

Contacting the owner, Mike, in order to view the property, turned out to be a bit of a chore, for as he self-proclaimed, was a “very busy man.” Initial contact finally took place, as part of another errand for him being the busy man he was. The key exchange was brief and to the point. After viewing the house, second contact was attempted in order to return the key. Same place as the first, but this time there was very different feel. This time Mike seemed interested in a bit of chit chat. 
The rental property, my family’s interest level, both our family backgrounds and our faiths became part of the discussion. Transition into the topic of faith occured when Mike asked about my work. Once there, I found myself explaining the redemptive story of the Bible, from Adam to Jesus Christ, in answer to a series of questions from him. Along the way I asked Mike if he had heard any of the things that I was sharing. He answered no. Conversation revealed that Mike was Hindu. Basic details of our faiths and practices were shared culminating in my invitation for us to continue the conversation in Bible study. Mike quipped, partly in jest and partly in earnest, that he’d be interested only if we ended up landlord and leasee. Our meeting ended shortly there after after all of thirty to forty-five minutes. We’ve since been accepted for a different property to rent. We’ll see if we can’t find more time to chat in the future.

Mike was a busy man, but found time to discuss eternity, partly because someone was willing to engage his questions and invite more. For now he refused further exploration of the life giving message of Jesus Christ, at least with me, but he has heard it!

Let’s endeavor to include the faith (Jude 3), in our chit chat with others. As we share the Lord, let’s ask them if they have heard what we share. Let’s ask if they understand and are willing to believe it. Let’s ask if they desire to participate in the eternal promises found in what we’ve shared.

“ Conduct yourselves with wisdom toward outsiders,  making the most of the opportunity. Let your speech always be with grace, as though seasoned with salt, so that you will know how you should respond to each person.” Colossians 4:5,6 NASB

Keep thinking souls!


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