Conversational English

Saturday before last I participated in an evangelistic training seminar called FriendSpeak. Those in attendance were introduced to a way to help people learn how to speak English as their second language better using the Bible. The session was dismissed by singing “Lead Me To Some Soul Today,” and asking God to opens doors for the gospel for us. 

On my way home, I swung into a Subway and purchased a delicious six inch Spicy Italian on Italian Herb and Cheese from a server who had trouble understanding English. 

At the cash register I asked if she would like help speaking English better. Her stunned expression made me think that maybe I said something out of place. I followed by suggesting that it seemed she had a little trouble understanding all I said to her in our greeting and my ordering. She agreed. By this time her coworker was listening intently to our conversation also. I again asked the first woman if she would be interested in signing up for free conversational English improvement classes using the Bible. This time, understanding what I was saying, she said, “yes.” We formerly introduced ourselves, and I gave her contact information for signing up for sessions with me. 

I don’t know why, but I decided not to ask for her contact information. And about that time more customers came in. I wished her God’s blessings and left. 

When we prepare ourselves to share the gospel with others and petition God for opportunities to do so, we will find that opportunities often abound. 

I love that the very day I learned a new approach to sharing the gospel, I was given opportunity to apply it!

Use what you have to engage people about faith in God; ever pursue to learn new ways; and keep asking God to lead you into the opportunities. 

Keep thinking souls! 

P.S. If you are interested in what FriendSpeak could offer your evangelistic desires, you can learn about them at


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