Sharing Faith At Work

Jordan Weichelt

Jordan Weichelt (pictured above) is faithful brother and member of the Kirksville church of Christ in Kirksville, Missouri. Jordan and I have not seen much of each other over the last few years due to my time in California, though we have kept in touch through social media and phone. Much of the correspondence we have with each other includes accounts of opportunities Jordan finds/creates at work, to share his faith. 

I recently invited Jordan to begin writing down his encounters in order to share then here. To my delight He accepted the invitation. 

Following is Jordan’s first submission to my blog. Be inspired to take Jesus with you wherever you go, even to work.

“I just want to speak from some personal experiences from this past year. 
I have found that at work I have had an abundance of opportunities to love others and shine the light praise the Lord!  Here are some examples:

I don’t always but sometimes I will say thank God or thank the Lord in an email after I was able to help someone with something. One time I had a response basically saying that they agreed with me and that led to some email exchanges about faith. I then asked her if she would like to meet up sometime and talk about faith and she agreed to. I have not met up with her for various reasons but maybe I will one day Lord Willing. 

I went door knocking in my neighborhood one day and knocked on my coworkers door. The husband answered and was not interested in talking while my coworker did not come to the door. One day my coworker found out that my dad had cancer and she came into my office and told me that she will be praying for me and that prayers works! I was completely in aww and surprised because this happened randomly one morning. 

After that encounter I have had several conversations with her that have included spiritual things including writing her a birthday card. She told me one day that she has been searching for a church home and she asked me where I went. She wrote down the name of the church and I told her as well if she had any questions that I would want to help her. (paraphrasing) 

Later on she wrote me a birthday card and said God bless at the end of it.  We have exchanged email addresses and have stayed in touch (I have only been away from work less than a day) and plan on keeping in touch Lord Willing. 

During orientation one day when I first started work (the first week) they said 2 things you don’t talk about at work 1) politics and 2) religion. I’m pretty sure I prayed after I heard that for an opportunity to shine the light and that His Will be done. The same person that said that several months later commented on my fb status saying that he was praying for me/family after I posted a status about asking for prayers. (if my memory is correct) 

Then one day it was just me and him in a training room at work and I had opportunities to talk to him but I didn’t do much. I left the office with regret and was praying for another opportunity to do His Will. I was in my car but didn’t leave the parking lot. I remembered that I left some stuff in the freezer at work so I went back inside grabbed what I forgot and then asked my coworker if he would be interested in talking about faith/life sometime? He said sure and that we could grab dinner/lunch sometime and talk. I left the office then thanking God for another opportunity to shine the light. I have not had the conversation yet with him over food about faith but maybe I will someday. Even if I don’t I know that he is friends with me on fb and that he probably sees my fb status from time to time and that it is in God’s Hands. There are opportunities all around and I don’t think that there will ever be a point in my life where there will not be opportunities to love and shine the light. 

A couple of side notes regarding these stories:

I haven’t had the sit down typical Bible studies with any of these 3 but we have had spiritual conversations which I believe is still a blessing. 

I don’t want anyone to think that every person I encounter I ask them about their faith because that would be a lie but I try to love and shine the light wherever I go by the grace of God. There have been so many missed opportunities from me and you can either keep doing the same thing or try harder next time, ask for forgiveness, and sometimes God will give you another opportunity to shine the light. I’m thankful for forgiveness and opportunities. 

And another note – I usually will say thank God or praise God when I am able to help someone at work which has let to lots of different reactions but some good ones as well.

There was another time I said thank God or praise the Lord in person to someone and that led to a religious conversation and I was able to share the Gospel! 

I think as long as someone is sincere – wanting to do His Will, loving, searching for opportunities, studying His word and praying God will use them. It’s amazing how many opportunities you get when you just ask.”

Keep thinking souls everywhere brethren! 


One thought on “Sharing Faith At Work

  1. The saying “You are the only Bible some people will read” our lives can be a testamony to people we met. Plant the seed and let God multiply


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