McDonald’s Sides: Bible Discussion – $ Free

​The following evangelistic report comes from Duane and Janice Shelton of the church of Christ meeting at 1759 B Orange Avenue, Anaheim, CA 92804. The opportunities mentioned below were generated by the Shelton’s weekly community outreach studies at a McDonalds near their house.

“We had two contacts today, one being Risa, the Filipino lady I’ve mentioned to you who works at the MacDonalds and we’ve chatted with increasingly over the last few months. She always greets us when we come in if she is there, though she is more of a supervisor now and does not work the counter. Today she mentioned how she always sees us together, and she likes that. I told her that we always try to come on Fridays to have breakfast and read the Bible together. (She has seen us doing this before.)

Later she came up as we were reading to share a verse that had helped her in her marriage – Hebrews 13:4.  I shared the passage in Ephesians 5 about marriage and said that was one I liked on the subject.  She said reading the Bible had helped in her marriage and shared that she had been married 17 years.  She said her husband is Catholic.  Duane asked her if she was also.  She said something like, “Yes, but I read the Bible even though I’m Catholic.”   We agreed that reading the Bible helps us in our lives.  She saw the door hangar we put out on the table and asked if she could have it.  I told her it was our only one but that I had a card with the same info.  I put our names and contact info on it and explained about WBS and that one of us could be her study partner if she was interested.  Then there was a sudden influx of customers and she had to go.

Then as we left we saw a man sitting in his vehicle with its hood up. We asked if he had a dead battery (yes) and offered to help. We went home and got our jumper cables and returned. While Duane worked on positioning the car the man thanked us for going out of our way to help. I told him about how we have breakfast in MacDonalds every Friday and read our Bibles, hoping to encourage others to read also. I said that having just been doing that, we can hardly then see someone needing help and not offer it. That’s what Jesus would want us to do. We spoke of the online studies we do, and I gave him a WBS card with our contact info. (I had picked up more at home when we went for the cables because I had given Risa our last one.) He shared that he had a church in Compton, and he and Duane discussed that some. I think he may be a “pastor.” He asked if we were pastors… Anyway, he was thankful for our help, and we encouraged him to pass along the card if he knew anyone that might be interested.”

So we felt pretty good about our morning, thank the Lord.”

Let the beauty of Jesus be seen in you.


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