An Object In Motion…

Sir Isaac Newton

No, not my new look. This is Sir Isaac Newton (1643-1727) Physisist

“An object in motion tends to stay in motion.” While admittedly an over simplification of Sir Isaac Newton’s first law of motion, none-the-less I see it as a truism in sharing the saving message of Jesus Christ with the perishing. Restated in this context it might be rendered “The confession of Christ once shared, tends to continue to be shared.”

The idea for this post came to mind about a month ago as I was running errands around Anaheim, CA. Having stopped by our bank, before leaving I asked the teller if she was a believer and studied the Bible. She responded “yes” to both of these questions. I followed by inviting her to consider a personal Bible study with me or one online at (the Anaheim church’s online Bible study course). Also included in our conversation was an invitation to meet with the church at 1759B  Orange Ave. Sunday. I handed her a business card with all the needed information at my departure. Following my visit to the bank, I felt invigorated to share another invitation which I found opportunity to do at my next stop – the smog tester.

While my smog check for the California DMV was being conducted, I initiated spiritual conversation with the tester, who also happened to be the only employee and the owner. Nice! The conversation began with my asking the same question as I did the teller, “Are you a believer?” With this the tester went into a discourse about a bit of his spiritual history. As the conversation progressed I asked if he thought he was saved and how. I do not recall him answering the question directly and instead indicating that he believed that God wound up the universe and let it go, having little to do with it now. Further conversation revealed that he believed the Bible to be corrupted by men. We discussed this a bit concluding to study the topic of Bible inspiration together. He was unwilling to schedule a study anywhere but his shop. I invited him to read a book in conjunction with me on the topic and discuss it as we go. I lent him the book recently, and we have plans for me to drop by to discuss it during his down time at work, which he seems to have a lot of.

Being further invigorated by this conversation, I asked God to provide yet another opportunity, which to no surprise He did! At my very next stop, just 500 feet from the smog tester, the next opportunity to share the gospel came! My car having failed the smog test due to several factors including overheating and a radiator hose leak, caused me to visit a mechanic’s shop right next door. While having these issues looked at, I initiated a conversation about faith in Jesus with the owner of the shop. He showed great interest, sharing that he was a Christian of only two years and was looking for a church home. He invited me into his office where he shut the door behind us and we discussed Jesus and the church. Being interupted repeatedly by both employee and customer, we wrapped up our conversation agreeing to stay in contact including a potential visit from him to our meetings. Wow, right! Stoaked, but also thoroughly exhausted, I headed home. At home, as is most often the case when I’ve had opportunity to share the gospel, I could not contain myself but had to share the experiences with the family.

The next day was a Saturday, which I took advantage of to visit some garage and estate sales in the area. Heading home from what was my last intended stop, I passed by a couple attempting to re-secure a sofa to the roof of their utility vehichle (a roof mind you, with no luggage racks and people armed with only bungee cords). If you have ever attempted to tie something large down using only bungee cords, you know I had to stop, especially since I was in my pickup. I swung in to the parking lot where they were wrestling with their newly acquired sofa and offered assistance and even delivery. They readily accepted my offer. While delivering and “installing” their two-piece sofa, there was much discussion about family and faith including repentance of sins and salvation in Jesus. A personal study was scheduled.

Once that gospel train got rollin’ it was hard to stop it. And who’d want to anyway?

Share the gospel once in your day and you will likely be more apt to share it again and again.

“For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek.” Rom. 1:16

Think souls brethren!


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