Giving and Receiving

Are you among those of us who like to get bargains when buying something? How about getting things for free? Where this characteristic can have a dark side fostering stinginess, entitlement and greed, if kept in check, it can also be positive helping us excercise good stewardship and generosity – saving one place to give or serve in another.


Craig’s List


Offer Up

With our family moving out of our RV and into a house, there was a great need for various furnishing (most of what we had went with the RV). With a relatively slim budget we committed much effort to searching for bargains and free stuff on the furnishings we needed and wanted. Services like Craig’s List, Offer Up and thrift stores became our primary source for what we were looking for.

I am happy to say that now nearly two months in, we are finally settled into our new home. There are still a handful of things we’d like to acquire for the ease of living, but for the most part we are finished with our search for furnishings. We are grateful for the resources the Lord provides through many of you enabling such things. Thank you.

So that’s the receiving part. As for the giving, the same services that we used to acquire the things we needed and wanted, also became an avenue of giving – in particular giving a spiritual blessing. Being in electronic correspondence with sellers and those giving things away for free, it seemed opportune to introduce God into the mix. Whether we ended up acquiring the items made available or not, inserting a “Go with God” followed by a few scriptures (i.e. Ac. 2:36-41, 1 Pet. 3:21, Gal. 3:26,27) seemed good. Most often those receiving such correspondence from us replied with positive comments. Only a few have not replied at all and none replied with negativity. Then there is the personal contact with sellers and givers too.

Though we have not gotten to directly see the fruit from these encouragements (i.e. acceptance and obedience to the gospel in repentence, confession, baptism and faithfulness), we do exhault in playing a part in the work. The work of planting seeds of the kingdom for future watering and hopefully a rewarding harvest of saved souls by others (1 Cor. 3:5-8, Jhn. 4:35-38).

The acts of giving and receiving do not have to occur independent of each other and quite often do not, and maybe they never do. Even the act of receiving generally provides the person giving a boost in spirit. And a receiver who does so with enthusiasm, thankfulness and appreciation gives back to the giver even more. Take it another step as a receiver and share the saving message of Jesus or some other spiritual truth with the giver and there is potential for even greater blessing!

It is more blessed to give than to receive (Ac. 20:35). And let us always realize that even in receiving, the blessing of giving back is present also.

Keep sharing the wonderful and amazing message of salvation in Jesus at every opportunity!

P.S. I am sure that my readers have evangelistic interactions of their own. Interactions that could inspire other Christians to reach out more. If you are inspired by these posts, write up your own evangelistic experiences and email them to me. I’d love to consider posting them here for others to see. They don’t have to be witty or eloquent, just what you attempted to do in sharing Jesus with the lost. They can be only a sentence or two or much longer. If you have a snappy title you’d like it to be posted with that would be great. If you don’t have a title in mind, I can give one to it. Every attempt at sharing Jesus with others, whether the results were what we hoped for or not can be encouraging to others. Look through my blog posts, some of them were not so amazing experiences. Help me inspire brethren to reach out to their world of perishing souls with the love of God and salvation in Jesus. Email you evangelistic experiences to It will be an honor to receive them!


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