I took a trip across town to get some free mulch sitting in a Craig’s List poster’s driveway. 

When I arrived someone had beat me to it and was buisy loading a trailer full. A trailer big enough to take it all.

Though disapointed I parked just past the driveway and grabbed a shovel out of my pickup bed. As I walked up to the guy loading the mulch I said, “Your help has arrived.” To which the man responded in some positive way I do not now recall. 

After a bit of discussion with the man offering to give me the rest of the mulch, I suggested we just load the rest on his trailer since it would all fit. As we loaded his trailer, I learned that his name was Mike, that he was a native Californian, that he was a retired firefighter, that he had a friend suffering brain cancer and that he was not a religious man nor interested in discussing religious things. Near the end of the mulch pile the man who owned the house named Boe showed up and began to sweep up what remained. 

As I said goodbye including a, “God bless you,” Mike asked me for a card, suggesting that he’d let me know about other sources of mulch in my area. I thought this a bit odd since we’d already discussed this and exchanged some information on it already. At any rate I pulled out my card and shared one with Mike and Boe. I explained that on the front of the card was an online Bible study, and written on the back was my contact information, meeting house address and meeting times. I also explained that I was available for personal Bible studies. They both said thank you. I offered another farewell and God bless you.

On my way home I reflected on the fact that I had neglected to pray before or during interacting wirh these two men. Might I have found more fruitful conversation had I thought to pray? Maybe, maybe not. 

One thing is for sure, giving Mike some thirty minutes of free help surely gave him opportunity to reflect on the generosity, kindness and servant heart of the Christianity he made no room for in his life. 

I wonder if he might have asked me for my card in order to reflect a bit more on the service rendered him in the name of Christ that day. I wonder how God might follow up this interaction with Mike and Boe in the future. 

Though I did not get the mulch I was there to get, nor did I take the opportunity to say as much as I would have liked to about Jesus, the trip was not wasted. Two men were exposed to the hands and feet of Jesus! 

Let’s keep serving people for their soul’s sake. Trusting God to use us to His glory!

“Let us not lose heart in doing good, for in due time we will reap if we do not grow weary. So then,  while we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, and especially to those who are of the household of the faith.” Galatians 6:9,10

Keep serving people’s souls. 


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