Would You Like Scriptures With That?

When visiting a fast food restaurant I used to here some phrase like, “Would you like fries and a drink with that.” With the advent of meal deals in which fries and a drink are most often included the question has changed to something more like, “Is that all for you?” or “Would you like anything else with that?”

Recently I received an email from a Southern California brother who visited a local iconic burger joint that includes scriptures in every meal, essentially adding an unspoken phrase to their service – “Would you like scriptures with that?” His email follows:

“After our recent trip to Oak Glen, we stopped at a nearby In-N-Out Burger location and discovered materials for a Bible Study on the packaging of the food items. 
Below is a link to an article explaining how to conduct such a study. 

I have taken some highlights from the website for your joy and edification. 



Here is the article and links…”

Here I break from quoting Robert’s email in order to point out that I am opting to include only the highlights from the website and not the site itself. I do so because I do not wish to promote a website on my blog whose author and doctrine I know little about. Robert’s email continues: 

“…In one of our favorite fast-food restaurants, a Los Angeles cultural icon, there is a unique surprise under the drink cups and hidden in the bottom edges of the hamburger wrappers and french-fry trays-a Bible verse. This can be a low key, wondrous opportunity to spread the Gospel while enjoying a fun meal. Imagine bringing a non-Christian friend to have a meal; what a great discussion starter! Now you have a place to bring a youth group when you have new students while not worrying about it being to overt to offend. All you do is pick up your cup and say, I wonder why this is here and what does it say and mean? Look it up, and say it. 

You see, its founders-the Snyder family in 1948-were Christians and wanted to honor God with their business; what a great way to do that. Here are the main Bible passages: 

Where are the In-N-Out Bible Verses?

– Hamburger and Cheeseburger Wrappers:Revelation 3:20

– Double-Double Hamburger Wrapper: Nahum 1:7

– French-Fry Tray:Proverbs 24:16

– Beverage Cups: John 3:16

– Milkshake Cups: Proverbs 3:5

– Water Cups: John 14:6

– Merchandising License Plate and Keychain: 1 Corinthians 13:13

…All these passages point us to Christ, that our God has steadfast love for us and is here, even when people make difficulties and barriers against us. When we feel distressed and confused, when we wonder if this is worth it-if this is all there is in life, God is here-always. And this is what He is saying.”

Another company that does something similar with scripture on their products is Aldi’s grocery store. Inside the cover of their egg cartons Psalm 118:24 is quoted and the reference cited. I do not know if scripture is included on other items too.

 These companies use their access to thousands and maybe even millions of customers across the country to spread the word of God! How cool is that! And not only do these companies share the Word, but with this practice they also provide their customers another means of sharing the wisdom and love of God with fellow patrons! 

I’m not sure if I shared this next bit in another post or not, but once when I was waiting in a checkout line at an Aldi’s, I engaged in a conversation with one of my fellow patrons. The details of the conversation are to faded for me to be able to share now. However, I recall mentioning and showing the Psalm on my egg carton to the other person.

Ways to share the saving message of Jesus with those around us abound, as do opportunities to do so. Maybe brainstorm all the ways you could share the message of Jesus in your realm of influence and chose a few at a time to try – ex. scriptures on your checks, short spiritual messages on the bills you mail in or with tips you leave the wait staff at restaurants, a relevant scripture on your trash can, a message on a ball cap or T-shirt, a button you wear, a personalized license plate, framed scriptures attractively hung on the walls of your homes interior, vinyl windo stickers with a Biblical message on your car windows, tracts you hand to others, a verbal encouragement or invitation to study the Bible or meet with the church, meeting people’s physical needs and mentioning God’s provision in it, leaving people with a “God bless you,” or “Go with God,” etc, etc, etc. 

Remember always that the goal of our interactions and instruction toward others is to bring them to faith and strengthen their faith in God and Jesus Christ His only Son and world’s only Savior (1 Corinthians 9:19-23; 10:31-11:1; Acts 4:12).

Keep thinking souls brethren! 

P.S. You are invited to email me your personal experiences in sharing Jesus with others, to be used in future posts. Email your experiences to honor4God@gmail.com


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