Syrian Refugee

Some months ago a brother from the Corona church and I corresponded on Facebook Messenger about opportunities to share the gospel that had presented themselves to us. The following quotes are his side of our correspondence. The first quote is an overview of the opportunity and results. The second quote is a recounting of the story in more detail. 

“Hi Jeff! I am studying with a young lady who is a refugee from Syria. She is married (at least for now) with two beautiful daughters. She located to Corona near our church building and was able to walk to our assemblies. She has always considered herself to be a Christian and was baptized in a Christian-like church in Syria. She married an Egyptian man and, as a requirement for their marriage, was baptized in a coptic church in Egypt. We began studying the one baptism of the Bible – the baptism into Christ – and her eyes were opened to truths that had never before been presented to her. We will meet again on Wednesday evening and, Lord willing, she will obey the gospel once and for all. Please keep her and her daughters in your prayers as her husband has initiated divorce proceedings. Thanks for asking!”

“I am glad to report that last evening she did obey the gospel. She is grateful to know that she never has to be baptized again, having obeyed from the heart that form of teaching to which she has become committed (Rom. 6:17-18).

We met several months ago when she first started attending. Upon meeting her I simply asked about her background; nationality, family, spiritual. I wanted to know her and show her that I was interested in her salvation and spiritual growth. She was confident of her previous two baptisms, but said that she would perhaps be baptized in the United States as well. At that time she did not want to engage in a one-on-one study, so she has just assembled with us for several months. Hearing the gospel over that time, and the invitations, she shared her thoughts that she might need to be baptized “in our church.” That’s when our study began and she came to know the one, true baptism into Christ. She presented all the common questions associated with the essentiality of baptism, but also brought an open heart to understand the answers. Her’s is a truly fascinating story. Let me say how grateful I am for this country allowing this refugee from Syria to find not only peace from her war-torn home, but the peace that passes understanding, true peace that is only found in Jesus!

Press on brother!”

Keep thinking souls! 


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