The People Factor

Engaging the work of an evangelist, I find myself with plenty of work that I can do from my home (i.e. devoted prayer, personal Bible study, Bible reading, lesson preparation, various forms of correspondence with brethren and the lost, extra Biblical reading, planning and organizing the work, blogging, etc.). You add in two hours of exercise with showering, an hour breakfast, lunch and dinner with the family, daily chores, etc.) and you have a full day, little of which has to do with being around lost people. 

Add in delivering Bible lessons, visiting various assemblies of the saints and the drive time it takes to do so, discipling the saved, recreating with brethren, family time, etc. and there is even less time around the unsaved. 

All these uses of time, as beneficial and necessary as they are, sometimes present a real challenge to sharing the saving message of Jesus with the lost. Now it should be noted that some of the work and recreation mentioned, if done with the right perspective, lends itself to multiplying the potential for spreading the gospel to the lost by better equipping others to go out (Ephesians 4:11-16). However at the same time it must also be acknowledged that the fewer lost people we encounter, the fewer opportunities there are to invite them to know Jesus as their Lord.

It seems that there is no big revelation in all of this, though recently this equation – interaction with fewer lost people + fewer gospel invitations = fewer people being saved – hit home to me (again), and reawakened me. That much of my activity from day to day can keep me from opportunity with the lost begs reflection on my part. As one who loves the Lord, shares His desire for none to perish (2 Peter 3:9) and as a beneficiary and possessor of the saving message of Jesus, I need to seek opportunity with the lost.

Eight life situations, lifestyle choices and personal attitudes come to mind that also might limit Christian’s exposure to the unsaved. I will not share their specifics here, because this post is more about the situation of not being around the lost itself than the various causes of it. 

When it comes right down to it, if we truly share God’s desire for none to perish but for all to come to repentance, we must find ways to be among the lost, be committed finding a way to share the gospel and/or support others to do the same. The more intentional and involved we are in meeting this need, the greater blessing we will find in its fulfillment!

I have made it a personal goal this year to increase my influence among the lost by striving for opportunity to share the gospel invitation with someone weekly. Minimally this has the potential to result in fifty-two invitations for the unsaved to be saved. I highly suspect pursuit of this goal will result in more invitations than the minimal. I have not kept a strict record of the gospel invitations I offered directly to individuals in 2016, but I would suspect it was not more than fifteen. 

Wow, as I write this, that seems a very small number! Much smaller than is acceptable for me. Out of those fifteen invitations or so one person was found to already be a Christian and five others accepted and obeyed the gospel to be saved! The potential for at least fifty-two invitations this year excites me! Your prayers for my meeting this goal would be greatly appreciated. 

By gospel invitation I do not mean only mentioning Jesus or that I’m a Christian or inviting people to join me in meeting with the saints, or even studying the Bible with me, as good as these are. By gospel invitation I mean sharing the saving message of Jesus coming to earth, living sinlessly, dying on a cross and shedding His blood there to accomplish the only avenue of forgiveness of sins, being buried for three days, rising from the dead, ascending back to heaven in a glorified state to reign with His Father, and offering all who believe these things and follow Jesus in baptism, forgiveness of sins and eternal life! This is the gospel invitation and power of God unto salvation (Romans 1:16, 1 Corinthians 15:1-8, Romans 6). 

How about you, do you want people to be saved? How much are you around unsaved people? How might you increase your exposure? 

Have you prepared yourself to share the gospel? What do you need to do to get better prepared? How much do you encourage your brethren to share the gospel? How can you encourage your brethren more or better?

Petition God to send out workers into His harvest and be prepared to be part of God’s answer to your prayer (Matthew 9:38). 


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