Opportunities Abound!

Opportunities to share the gospel of Jesus Christ abound. Just this morning in less than thirty minutes of reading friend’s Facebook posts, I was made aware of three encounters brethren had with the lost! These encounters occurred at a church meeting, a fast food restaurant and a hotel lobby desk. At least two (restaurant and hotel desk) were the result of strangers breaking the ice by engaging Christians in conversation, which the Christians turned into spiritual conversation. The third (church meeting) was the result of a foreign college student’s visits during which she heard the gospel invitation and answered it by following Jesus in baptism for the forgiveness of her sins (Acts 2:36-38, Romans 6)!

Also just last night while attempting to provide a ride to a new convert and new addition to the Anaheim church for a midweek meeting, another opportunity presented itself. The friend of this new brother was visiting him and at first introduction voiced disinterest in spiritual conversation, but before the conversation ended, was expressing thanks and interest in looking into spiritual things further (more on this in a post to follow this one). 

I highly suspect there have been many more opportunities, among even just those I know, to share the will of God and saving message of Jesus with the lost this past week than I have been made aware of. There are surely many unreported and certainly unbroadcast evangelistic encounters brethren have had with the lost any given week. Encounters that evidence that the fields of souls are still white for harvest!

Brethren, opportunities abound for the chance to share the saving message of Jesus with the lost. The initial message of hope and forgiveness in Jesus can be shared in a very short conversation. The facts needed to bring someone to an informed decision of obedience to Christ for salvation can be shared with the addition of relatively little more time. 

Look with me for the many opportunities that present themselves or can be found with a little effort and be committed to making the most of them! God guide and equip us in our efforts to His glory!


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