Stepping Your Way To An Evangelistic Walk

Made it to a park late yesterday afternoon. Sat at a picnic table with my “laptop” and bible software, studying a scripture I read earlier in the day, more in depth. My prayer was for a soul to talk to Jesus about. 

I counted fifteen adult souls who crossed within 50 yrds of me, most lingering doing one thing or another in the park. 

My personal study was challenging making me have to be conscious about look up from it at my surroundings so as not to miss an opportunity. 

My seating was not doing my upper back and lower neck any favors. 

A squrrel enjoyed several french fries nearby. 

There was a sign on my computer which read, “ARE YOU SURE YOU ARE SAVED? YOU CAN BE! ASK HOW. 1 JOHN 5:13. My eyesight is fading and I could not see my sign from very far away, though maybe someone with better eyesight could. 

Only one person came close enough for me to speak to them. He pedaled by on a bicycle. We only said hello. 

I did not speak to a soul in the park about Jesus, but I am better for having thought about it. Awareness of souls is part of evangelism and in this way I was evangelistic yesterday. Not to mention I also participated in discipling brethren last night (another part of evangelism), as part of Anaheim’s midweek Bible study.

Today I pray for a soul to talk to Jesus about, if the Lord gives me the means to do so. I’ll strive to be aware of the souls around me and I’ll attempt to step further into evangelism – awareness of souls in need of a Savior (2 Cor. 5:14-21)… confession of Christ (2 Pet. 2:9,10)…invitation to study (Col. 4:5,6)…instruction in the will of God (1 Cor. 15:1-8)…discipling in Christian living (Heb. 10:24,25). 

Every step forward in evangelism is positive, even if that step is not as far along one day as another. When we consider all the steps we’ve taken in a week they add up to walking evangelistically. Some weeks it may seem more like a sway or pacing than a walk, but its something and our and perhaps others relationship with God will be better for it. Other weeks our evangelistic walk will be more like a sprint or marathon! 

Keep thinking souls, taking what steps you can each day, in each relationship you have with others, toward pointing them toward Jesus!


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