Need Some Excercise?

Today’s Soul Walk took me from the Anaheim meeting house into the surrounding neighborhood and back.

I saw thirty people or so not in vehicles. About 10 of them were within distance to greeting. I greeted 10. 9 returned my greeting. I gave 8 a tract introducing the Anaheim church (see below) while personally inviting them to visit. There was a brief interchange with 6 of them, extending beyond the greeting.

Though I did not specifically share the gospel with any of these. I did shine the light of Christ among them, as I expressed friendliness and invitation to Bible study and worship.

Perhaps this will move some to visit Anaheim’s assemblies and give them an opportunity to hear the gospel. Perhaps it will prepare the soil for future interaction between them and the church or some other Christian God may use in their lives. It certainly promises more potential fruit than having done nothing.

Make what you already do evangelistic. Speak the name of Christ in your conversations, share an invitation to know God better, or just say, “Hi” and give them a spiritual tract that points them in the right direction.

Need some excercise? Why not combine your body’s need for excercise with your souls need for exercising your faith?

Keep thinking souls brethren!


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